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SHAREs meets EU Parliament

A conference on the topic of energy communities was held on May 4th  2023 in the European Parliament, which was hosted by the MEP Romana Jerković and supported by the Northwest Croatia Regional Energy and Climate Agency (REGEA) and European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and Environment (FEDARENE).

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The fourth consortium meeting

The fourth consortium meeting was hosted by AYPEG in Tbilisi, Georgia. The team members advanced plans regarding the mentoring scheme, the further progress of the national Gateways & updated each other on the development of the pilots.

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The third consortium meeting

The third consortium meeting was hosted by the Austrian Energy Agency in the heart of Vienna. The project team met to discuss the advancement of the pilots in the partner countries (AT, DE, HU, HR, BG, GE), plan the mentoring scheme and to improve the Gateway.

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Exchange between Austrian energy communities

Austrian renewable energy communities (REC) met up to discuss current challenges and possible solutions, especially regarding the current energy crisis.

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Round table on energy communities in Austria and the Czech Republic

Stakeholders from Austria and the Czech Republic met in Vienna, Austria in May 2022 to discuss the status of and lessons learned regarding renewable energy communities (RECs).

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The second consortium meeting

The second consortium meeting was already a highlight alone due to it being the first SHAREs partners gathering to take place face-to-face. This two-daylong meeting took place in Zagrab, Croatia and was attended by 16 members of the partner countries (AT, DE, HU, HR, BG, GE).

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The 2nd pioneer circle meeting: tool up!

The aim of the 2nd meeting with the SHAREs pioneer circle was to incorporate pioneers’ experience and learnings towards the development of the Gateway in an early stage.

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Pioneer Circle Kick-Off Meeting

The SHAREs project had an exciting and fruitful kick-off meeting with the Pioneer Circle. The Pioneers introduced themselves, showing an impressive range of activities. The Pioneer Circle will be able to give important impulses to the project.

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