The SHAREs Blueprint The blueprint for national information hubs (Gateways) is a template created in WordPress that provides the structure and ideas on how to initiate and design national one-stop-shops for energy communities. You can view it for free and without registration.

The blueprint includes exemplary information on legal and financial aspects, best practice examples, an FAQ catalogue, step-by-step guides on how to get active, a tool collection, etc. In addition, a communication package for local heroes is provided including white label communication materials (e.g. flyers or factsheets). Tips and tricks to adapt the website to national needs add the final touch to the service. Working with the blueprint is easy: you adapt the structure to national needs and create country-specific content. The website template is almost fully customisable (e.g. number and order of sections in the menu bar, texts and headings).

The blueprint has already been used successfully to establish the following national Gateways, which demonstrate how the structure can be changed and how different the variations can look:

  1. Austria:       
  2. Bulgaria:     
  3. Croatia:       
  4. Germany:    
  5. Georgia:      
  6. Hungary:     

Stakeholders interested in setting up a national Gateway in their country using our blueprint are welcome to contact us. The website is fully transferrable to new stakeholders. You can choose your own URL and are in charge of maintaining and hosting the website.