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Project Partners

The SHAREs project consortium is built up of ten institutions from six European countries. Get to know each partner!



Founded in 1977, the Austrian Energy Agency is a non-profit scientific association whose purpose is to develop, support and implement measures that foster sustainable energy supply and use. The Agency prepares the ground for decisions in politics, public administrations and the industry with detailed research and by highlighting important dependencies and connections between topics. It provides information for all target groups in our society on the backgrounds and developments in the field of energy production and use.
Your contact-person: Angela Holzmann



OurPower is an emerging energy cooperative in Austria operating a countrywide peer-to-peer marketplace for RES electricity generated by its members. The cooperative handles the online matching services as well as the whole process of electricity supply and billing. Currently OurPower has 300 members aiming to expand to up to 10.000 over the next two years.
Your contact-person: Ulfert Höhne



The Black Sea Energy Research Centre, created in 2007, aims at supporting the energy transition in Bulgaria and other countries in the Black Sea Region. It covers a wide range of energy-related activities: research, data analysis, feasibility studies, cost-benefit analysis, networking of research, policy and market actors, training and dissemination of information.
Your contact-person: Angel Nikolaev



Located in Berlin, the consulting company B.&S.U. provides clients with various services, research and development with the focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy, climate protection and adaptation in municipalities, sustainable urban development, mobility and European funding programmes. B.&S.U. has successfully completed more than 6,000 local, regional and international projects for its clients.
Your contact-person: Thekla Heinel



The German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Confederation is the national apex organization and top-level auditing confederation of the cooperative sector in Germany. It represents the concerns and interests of all cooperative sectors in the area of economy, energy, law and tax policy, and advices these cooperatives on topics of management organization and data processing. For more than 40 years, DGRV has built up valuable know-how in setting up cooperative systems and structures. The association carries out its activities in more than 30 partner countries and hence contributes to sustainable development in the cooperative sector worldwide.
Your contact-person: Benjamin Dannemann



The goal of the private company WIP Renewable Energies is to transform the current energy infrastructure. Renewable energy systems are at the heart of WIP’s work. Their integration in the energy market is facilitated through research, project work and collaborative actions across all sectors of society. WIP has deep links to the photovoltaic sector as it is actively involved in several PV-related organisations.
Your contact-person: Dominik Rutz



The Association of Young Professionals in Energy of Georgia has been founded by students to provide a platform for young energy professionals. On the one hand, it enables Georgian energy professionals to increase their knowledge and qualifications on energy-related topics through conducting research or education. On the other hand, AYPEG serves as a key tool for young people passionate about energy to cooperate with regional, national and international organisations, build up strategic partnerships and eventually have a determining influence on the energy sector.
Your contact-person: Zviad Gachechiladze



The North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency strives for regional sustainable development through energy efficiency measures and integration of renewable energy sources. Besides participating in a wide range of international and national projects, REGEA prepares strategic and planning documents for regional authorities and Croatian cities to assist decision makers in the preparation and implementation of sustainable practices. REGEA has particular expertise in innovative financial models for renewables and energy efficiency projects.
Your contact-person: Slavica Robić



The umbrella organisation National Society of Conservationists – Friends of the Earth Hungary encompasses 110 member associations across Hungary. Its key areas of work are climate and energy-policy advocacy work, public awareness raising and active stakeholder involvement. MTVSZ has vast experience in national and regional level complex campaigns and continuously encourages local authorities to participate in community energy and address energy poverty.
Your contact-person: Kovács Bence



The Reflex Environmental Association was established in 1987 and focuses on eco-counselling (founder of Hungarian network of eco-counselling offices), environmental education, nature conservation and energy issues, waste management, consumer protection, regional development and noise protection. Reflex also gives free legal advice on environmental topics. Reflex is an official Climate Alliance representative of Hungary since 2009 and hence strongly involved in the activities of the European Climate Alliance.
Your contact-person: Krisztina Szabó