The second consortium meeting: creating the Gateway


The second consortium meeting was already a highlight alone due to it being the first SHAREs partners gathering to take place face-to-face. This two-daylong meeting took place in Zagrab, Croatia and was attended by 16 members of the partner countries (AT, DE, HU, HR, BG, GE).

After a warm welcome and as well as a brief status update from the partners, the focus of the meeting was addressed: developing the content of the Gateway.

To start, the preliminary structure of the Gateway was presented and discussed. Several details were cleared up, such as the Gateway’s target group, possible relevant content of the Gateway, including creating country-specific inventories on tools, the communication campaign, legal and regulatory information, and more. Technical aspects were discussed, such as possibilities of changing the structure of national Gateways as well as national hosting solutions for after the project lifetime. The first productive day ended with a world café session, on several subsections of the Gateway (financing, communication campaign, best practices).

To take advantage of the productive spirit of the first day, day two began with a world café straight away. This time it concentrated on one of the previously discussed sections of the Gateway, “Get informed”, discussing its subsections and contents in further detail. Next, there was an exchange on the current state of the SHAREs pilots in the respective countries. The communication of the next steps wrapped the constructive meeting, setting pre-holiday tasks into motion.