Introducing SHAREs to Austrian Stakeholders


On December 2nd 2021 the SHAREs project was introduced to Austrian stakeholders. A webinar held by the Austrian climate protection initiative klimaaktiv aimed at giving a profound overview on the Austrian situation regarding energy communities. First, the Austrian Ministry for Climate Action explained the legal framework for Austria. Then, the Austrian Coordination Platform for Energy Communities presented itself and some background on advantages and motivations for energy communities as well as some detailed information for the implementation phase. In the third contribution to the event, Austrian Energy Agency's Angela Holzmann gave a detailed outline to the SHAREs project and its aims.
The event concluded with a hands-on example by showing the experience of the municipality of Schnifis. Current challenges and most urging questions have been discussed.

The event was held in German.

Presentation slides can be found here.

A video recording of the webinar is available on Youtube.