The City of Samobor (HR)

Samobor is situated in North-West Croatia, less than 10km from Zagreb. It covers an area of 250 km², of which one-third of the area is covered by forest and there are also many protected natural areas. Samobor is the 15th largest city in Croatia and the second largest in the county. 

In 2011 the city developed Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP), and later SECAP, and committed to the sustainable development of the city based on the principles of energy efficiency, sustainable construction and the use of renewable energy sources. Lately, the city is actively planning new projects related to the installation of PVs on their public buildings, reconstruction of public lighting, waste management system and the possibilities of using part of the waste for energy purposes, geothermal energy, mobility and transport and integration of energy and climate elements into spatial plans. 

Through project SHAREs, REGEA supports a total of three pilots in Croatia in activities of establishing the first energy communities in Croatia. Despite significant advancements in the legislative framework, there are still numerous and practically invincible obstacles to establishing energy communities in Croatia. As there is still no practical examples of CEC and REC in Croatia, pilot projects will serve to test the existing legislative framework and to identify obstacles, opportunities, and possible solutions to enhance and facilitate the development of CEC and REC in Croatia. 


Location Samobor, Croatia
Used energy generation technologies / implemented energy efficiency measures Photovoltaics
Installed capacity -
Number of members Potential members include the public utility, municipal buildings
Regional scope Local
Activities in the energy community Establishment of the first citizen energy community in Croatia