REC Energiepark Bruck

The renewable energy community (REC) “Energiegemeinschaft Energiepark Bruck” was established to gain first-hand knowledge and insights of the functionality and possibilities of renewable energy communities. The REC Energiepark Bruck consists of members of the Energiepark Bruck board, employees, as well as local businesses such as the “Organic Farm Metzker”. The primary aim of the energy community was to gain knowledge of the administrative barriers and get a practical perspective of the process of creating RECs in Austria. The REC is currently powered by 200 kWp PV-plants, installed on roofs of the private houses or companies of the REC-members. Further aims of the REC include gaining experience and understanding of REC operation and creating profit for REC members using local renewable energy.

Energiepark Bruck offered to act as mentor/pioneer for pilots in partner countries. The initial contact was set up in the study tour, when they hosted the partner’s pilots and presented their concept (Energiepark Bruck) for an entire day.

Renewable Energy Communities are a new possibility to increase the involvement process of the population and therefore support the development of renewable energies.

- Ralf Roggenbauer “Future-Ralf” Energiepark Bruck/Leitha


Location Bruck an der Leitha, Austria
Used energy generation technologies / implemented energy efficiency measures Photovoltaics
Installed capacity Around 200 kWp
Number of members 15
Regional scope Citizen energy community, not founded yet
Activities in the energy community Planning a balanced energy consumption between energy consumption and energy production

updated Dec. 2023