The City of Zabok (HR)

The City of Zabok is located on the southwestern edge of the Krapina-Zagorje county and about 30 km from Zagreb. The city's industry, economy and infrastructure are constantly and rapidly developing since it is an important transport hub. Zabok is currently the second largest traffic centre in Croatia. A further step in the traffic development is the planned construction of an airport, for which numerous preparations have already been made. In each of its projects, the city emphasizes the use of renewable energy sources and the reduction of energy consumption for the purpose of sustainable development. Some exemplary projects of the city are the replacement of the carpentry on the building of the Zipkica Kindergarten in Zabok, the energy renovation of the Zasek Community centre and the reconstruction and energy renovation of the Prosenik Gubaševski Community Centre, with a total value of more than HRK 3,5 million.

Through project SHAREs, REGEA supports a total of three pilots in Croatia in activities of establishing the first energy communities in Croatia. Despite significant advancements in the legislative framework, there are still numerous and practically insurmountable obstacles to establishing energy communities in Croatia. As there is still no practical examples of CEC and REC in Croatia, pilot projects will serve to test the existing legislative framework and to identify obstacles, opportunities, and possible solutions to enhance and facilitate the development of CEC and REC in Croatia. 

© City of Zabok


Location Špičkovina (settlement in the City od Zabok, Croatia)
Used energy generation technologies / implemented energy efficiency measures PV systems
Installed capacity Maximum of 64,8 kWp
Number of members Potential members include the VFD Špičkovina building, members of the VFD, small enterprises nearby.
Regional scope Local
Activities in the energy community Establishment of the first citizen energy community in Croatia