The City of Karlovac (HR)

Located in central Croatia, Karlovac is framed by the 4 rivers. Considering that it is located in the narrowest part of Croatia, only 50 km away from Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Karlovac has important traffic and economic significance. The City of Karlovac joined the Covenant of Mayors in 2010. By drafting the SEAP, and later on SECAP, the City Administration of Karlovac has clearly shown its commitment and readiness to lead and develop an energy sustainable city on the principles of energy efficiency, use of renewable energy sources and environmental protection. The City of Karlovac has so far implemented a number of such projects like Reconstruction programme of heating oil boilers with biomass boilers in public institutions of the City, Energy renovation of public institutions, Encouraging the installation of renewable energy systems in family houses, Co-financing the installation of heat distributors and calorimeters with the mandatory installation of thermostatic sets on heating bodies in residential buildings,  Opening of the Energy Info Corner of the City of Karlovac in 2013, Pilot project of introducing public bicycles in city traffic with 3 pilot locations, and received European Energy Award in 2022. 

Through project SHAREs, REGEA supports a total of three pilots in Croatia in activities of establishing the first energy communities in Croatia. Despite significant advancements in the legislative framework, there are still numerous and practically invincible obstacles to establishing energy communities in Croatia. As there is still no practical examples of CEC and REC in Croatia, pilot projects will serve to test the existing legislative framework and to identify obstacles, opportunities, and possible solutions to enhance and facilitate the development of CEC and REC in Croatia. 

© City of Karlovac 


Location Karlovac, Croatia
Used energy generation technologies / implemented energy efficiency measures Photovoltaics
Installed capacity -
Number of members Potential members include the apartment owners of the multi-family building
Regional scope Local
Activities in the energy community Establishment of the renewable energy community in Croatia